Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chapter one

Don't forget to read to prologue story to this: The Answer

“I’m so fed up with this Richie.” Sarah sighed into the telephone. Richie sighed in response. He understood it was frustrating but there wasn’t anything either of them could do. They just had to wait. “I know Sarah but you can’t give up.” He tried to encourage, it was the only thing he could really do, support.

“I’m not giving up, it’s just so…” She
didn’t really know how it was.
“Annoying, frustrating, unfair?” Richie asked instead.

Sarah laughed, it was still morning even though it was evening for Richie,
and it was the first time she laughed today.

It warmed Richie’s heart to hear her laugh. He knew she was having a rough time.

“All of them.” Sarah answered. It really was unfair, she was trying so hard but nothing seemed to work.

Even when Richie was still home, she had been trying to look for a job. He had even helped her write a few letters.

After they had picked up Richie and arrived at his house, Sarah understood his friend, Jon, was staying until Sunday, then they’ll both go to New York. The idea of Jon around made Sarah a little uncomfortable. Since Ava had school she was still spending a day at her mother’s house before spending the weekend at Richie’s.

Sarah just wasn’t sure what Richie expected now. The uncertainty of that made her nervous too. It hadn’t gone unnoticed and when Ava went home after dinner,
Richie finally asked Sarah since they were alone in the room now. “What’s up Sarah?” He tried to sound casual.

Sarah didn’t know whether to feel silly or just tell him. “Nothing, all good.” She decided to lie. Unlike she had thought he could see she was lying and crossed the kitchen to stand in front of her but still kept a little distance. “Please tell me.” He asked again.

When Sarah looked down at the floor between them, he knew she needed to tell him something. Sarah took a deep breath; she had to trust him
. “I don’t know what to expect or do or what you expect.” She said in a hurry.

Richie looked
at her confused. “What do you mean?”
“You know…” Sarah nudged her head at the staircases.
“What?” He didn’t understand what she meant.

Sarah got even more nervous and wiped her sweaty hands on her jeans, although it didn’t help much for her bandaged hand. She looked back up at him, she didn’t want to say it and just hoped Richie would understand. “Upstairs?” She asked, waiting to see if he got that hint.

Richie looked at the staircases in the hall. When it struck him, his face lightened up. “Oh no,” he quickly said, “no, well you know…” he made a suggestive look, “but no, your pace, remember?” He asked even though he couldn’t deny he didn’t want to, he would wait until she was
ready; he knew it wasn’t going to be easy and he was fine with that, he’d wait.

Sarah nodded but it didn’t convince him, he grabbed her hands instead, “Really Sarah, your pace. I’d even drive you home right now if that’s what you want.” He tried to explain that it was all up to her. “As long as I hear from you tomorrow.” He added.

Sarah hadn’t left immediately after he had said it, they watched some
TV and spent a little more time together before she decided it was time to go home and Richie dropped her off, remembering the address for the future. It wasn’t very far from his house, about a thirty minute drive.

The next day Sarah phoned him just as he was leaving to pick up Ava from school; she was spending the rest of the weekend at Richie’s house.

A little while later Richie arrived at Sarah’s house with Ava and was invited in by Sarah’s mother who guided them to the kitchen. Sarah had been waiting for him and was surprised to see him in front of her when she looked up from the magazine she was reading. Instead of saying anything, she got up and greeted him with a kiss.

They spent the evening at Sarah’s house instead of going back to Richie’s. He got to meet Sarah’s children, he instantly liked them, and they were polite when they talked. They seemed alright with everything which meant Sarah had mentioned him and he just knew they’d all get along fine.

Before leaving Richie asked Sarah out for dinner for the next day. Sarah didn’t have to think twice and Saturday, late afternoon, she got a little nervous. It was their first real date, going out and everything.

Finally, an hour before Richie
was going to pick her up, she went to her room to shower and get ready.

The restaurant was nice, not too big and not too busy, it had a nice feeling to it, it felt cozy and she wondered if he had ever been there before.

They talked about Richie’s leaving the next day, how he hoped it would only be
for a few days. They also talked about his leaving the next week, Sarah wondered if she could handle missing him again. When he was around, she felt more confident, comfortable. Two months would a long time.

Sarah spent that night at Richie’s house, holding each other as they slept and woke again. On the way to the airport he brought Sarah home, kissing in front of the front door before saying goodbye. They both knew it was only for a few days but that didn’t make it easier.

The next couple of days they talked on the phone, just to be able to hear each other. Soon that would be the only thing they had.

Thursday Richie decided to surprise Sarah. After a quick shower at home he found his way to Sarah’s house. The happiness he read on her face couldn’t make him any
happier than he already was. It was great to see her again, hold her again, and especially kiss her again even if it had only been three days.

Sarah invited him for dinner and once again Richie spent the evening with Sarah’s family. He loved it, having people around him instead of eating dinner alone; he almost felt part of it.

During the next week he found himself more at Sarah’s house than his own.

When the time came that he had to leave again, Sarah stayed the night at his house again. She was glad he still hadn’t asked her to do anything and was happy to just cuddle in his big, comfy bed.

The next morning when Richie had to leave, Sarah couldn’t hold her tears back, two months without him was not something she looked forward to. What would she do without him? Almost the whole week they had spent together casually. Every morning he’d show up at her doorstep and with every new morning came a new newspaper, for every job she could, she wrote a letter with Richie’s help, he found the words easier than Sarah did. They’d watch
TV together, talk or went for a nice walk. Now he’d be gone for two months.

As soon as Richie landed in Croatia he phoned Sarah, with the time difference it was evening for him but morning or early afternoon for Sarah.

The first show had gone great and when he counted out the time difference by the time he got back to the hotel, he still had time to phone Sarah.

“I’m sorry Sarah, but something will come around.” Richie said as he checked his watch, still an hour before the show.

“I know.” Sarah said a little sad, “I miss you.”
“I miss you too.” Was his immediate answer, she was all he could think of and while playing the love songs during the first show two days ago he realized he was thinking of Sarah then too.

“It’s just getting too much.” Sarah sighed, “I can’t find a job and I miss you. I already need a break from this.” She sighed again. She had been so hopeful about getting a job again, but nothing, not one reply.

Richie didn’t like the sadness he could hear in her voice. “Why don’t you come join me?” The words
left his mouth before he realized what he had said.


  1. Hmmm, not sure how she'll react to this offer Rich. She might feel obligated...

  2. Hang in there Sarah you will find something it's just going to take some time. Meanwhile you should take Richie up on his offer go see him, spend the time getting to know each other more. Richie you need to make Sarah understand it is a no strings attached offer. Nice to see Richie and Sarah back. More please!!!